• Call Dr. Celeste Conn at 1 410-708-2608 to schedule an appointment

  • New Patient Information – The Visiting Vet

  • What to expect on our first visit

    Plenty of time is scheduled for your appointment so that you and your pet will receive the attention you need.

    Our goal is to provide superior medical care to our patients and their people.  To that end, we ask the following:

    • Please have your cats confined to one room upon our arrival — it’s hard to get a cat out from under the bed!  (If your cat is shy, it is best to close him or her in a small room prior to the appointment.)
    • Please have your dogs inside so we don’t have to chase them across the back forty.

    If your pet wasn’t confined and is unavailable for examination during a scheduled appointment, we will charge the house call fee due to time spent traveling. If you are unable to find your pet prior to his or her appointment and need to reschedule, please call ahead of time.

    We are happy to give multi-pet discounts — just ask! We also love it when neighbors get together and have the vet visit. We give discounts for that too.

    We appreciate it when someone can hold the pet to facilitate the visit. But if necessary, we can arrange for a helper to hold. (That costs a little extra.)

  • Payment options

    Please have your checkbook handy. We don’t take credit cards. We love cash!

  • New patient registration form